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Real Estate Tips


If you would like to receive daily short Real Estate Tips to help you learn, and give you ideas to help your business, just fill out the information here and you will be included.

You:  Seriously?,  FREE?
Me:  Yes 
You:  What’s the catch? 
Me:  None, EXCEPT, I approve all Realtor sign ups
You:  Why?

Full Transparency

Why am I doing this?  I create the information anyway for the agents in my office. I work with a LOT of great Realtors who have brought me TONS of business over the years. I have been in the business over 34 years. I want to give back to the industry in my own way by helping Realtors become better at what they do.

It is also my hope that by doing this:

  1. This information will really help someone that is not currently getting the help they need. 
  2. If you are ever looking for another brokerage to call home, you will think of me!
  3. If you are NEW and want more extensive training without paying a ton of money, you will go to my site at: and check it out! (Every newly licensed Realtor licensed in my office gets this information for FREE.)

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